At LeonBet, we offer a loyalty program for sports that allows you to earn loyalty points (Leons) for every sports bet you place, regardless of whether you win or lose. Here’s how it works:

Loyalty points

How can I start earning loyalty points?

To start earning loyalty points, simply make your first deposit and start betting on sports.

Earn points

How do I earn loyalty points for sports betting?

You earn loyalty points for any bet placed at Leonbet, regardless of whether you win or lose. Here’s how it works:

  • If your bet is a winner, you’ll earn 1 Leon for every 1 EUR of net winnings (net winnings equal to the total winnings minus the stake).
  • If your bet loses, you’ll earn 1 Leon for every 1 EUR of your loss amount (loss equals the original stake).

However, there are some bets for which loyalty points are not awarded. These are:

  • Cancelled bets (i.e., bets settled at odds of 1.00)
  • Cashed out bets (i.e., bets with applied “Cash Out” option)
  • Free bets (acquired as a result of participation in sports Bonus campaigns)

Here’s an example: imagine that you’ve placed a 10 EUR bet at odds of 2.50.

  • If the bet wins: Net Winnings = 10 * 2.50 – 10 = 15 EUR. You’ll earn 15 loyalty points.
  • If the bet loses: Loss = 10 EUR. You’ll earn 10 leons.
Points for sports betting

How can I check my loyalty points balance?

You can view your current loyalty points balance through the widget available inside your “My account” section.

Loyalty points balance

How do I convert my loyalty points to cash?

You will be able to convert your points to cash as soon as you reach 10,000 points. Just open “My account”, click on the “Redeem” button, and convert your bonus points at the exchange rate of 100 leons = 1 EUR.

Points to cash

Terms and Conditions

Please note that terms and conditions apply to our loyalty program for sports.

Terms and conditions